Coursera: Introduction to Personal Branding

 with  Kimberley Barker, MLIS
Project Management Certificate
Cornell University via eCornell
Though the concept of personal branding isn't new, questions remain about how to create one and, more importantly, what it means to maintain and inhabit that brand.

Learners will:

o Understand both what personal branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand
o Establish themselves on at least three social media platforms
o Create a mission statement for their personal brand
o Build a board of directors for their brand
o Become familiar with the basics of digital security and reputation management
o Create a system for on-going brand maintenance

Join instructor Kimberley R. Barker as she provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to intensively explore themselves in order to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts. Together we will build a strong community in which to provide encouragement and feedback, and support each other as learners pursue their goal of successful brand creation.


Hello and welcome!

An Overview of Personal Branding
The goal of this module is to help you gain an understanding of the basic purpose, benefits, and responsibilities of branding, and to begin the process of defining your values, gifts, and goals. If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch:; @KR_Barker (Twitter).

Building your Brand's Infrastructure
Like any other construction project, infrastructure is absolutely key to the successful creation of your brand. In this module, we'll discuss key elements including authenticity, your mission statement, and why you should incorporate your photo into your brand.

Establishing Your Brand's Digital Home: A Guide to Claiming Your Parts of the Web
Your Brand & Social Media. When it comes to social media platforms, you have lots of choices. At the end of this lesson, you will have identified three platforms that best fit your brand. Questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch:;

Creating your Brand's Maintenance Plan
This module focuses on the pros and cons (and nuts and bolts) of creating a maintenance plan for your brand.

Your Online Identity: How reputation and digital privacy affect your Brand.

7 Student
Cost Free Online Course (Audit)
Pace Upcoming
Provider Coursera
Language English
Certificates Paid Certificate Available
Calendar 5 weeks long
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3.0 2 years ago
by Colleen completed this course, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.
For the past year and a half, I've worked as the Chief Editor for a personal branding startup. I took this course in order to determine whether the philosophy taught here differed or expounded upon the methodology we've developed and utilized when working with clients.

Kim's enthusiasm, as seen in the video segments, keeps the class interesting. Also, the advice she shares is helpful for anyone looking to create his/her personal brand. If you're the go-getter type interested in defining who you are and what you stand for, as well as translating your mission and values into a tangible digital presence, this class is for you! If you're looking to differentiate yourself from coworkers or others in your field, this class is also for you. And if you're looking to delve a little bit deeper into how you can impact the lives of others through the gifts you've been given - this class is most certainly for you! Enjoy!
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this review helpful
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5.0 2 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
Great course, I'd totally recommend it. The teacher was amazing! She really knows a lot about branding and I felt I learned a lot from her (plus she's funny!). She also supplied us with many awesome links to articles and videos to even further our knowledge of personal branding and get other perspectives from different sources. If you are asking yourself "Why should I be bothered about branding, that's some marketing stuff I don't care about", then know - this is a MUST for every single person who exists online (and since you are reading this right now, you most likely are), because by having profiles and engaging on the interwebz, you inevitably are building a reputation and this class will teach you how to manage that reputation.

- Lenka
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this review helpful
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3.0 2 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
It is a great course to take if Personal Branding is a new concept for you. The instructor is fun and her enthusiasm is almost contageous! Nevertheless, it leaves you hanging at the end of the course , wondering what PRACTICAL steps you should take to brand yourself finally!
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1.0 2 years ago
Anonymous partially completed this course.
I had great enthusiasm before starting the course. The lecturer is friendly.

But i have not learnt a little bit of new thing from this course. Sorry to say.
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1.0 2 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
Very basic, for beginners. Course structure not as well set out as other Coursera courses I have done e.g. No consolidated list of recommended readings.
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5.0 a year ago
Bill Alsobrook completed this course.
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5.0 2 years ago
Sarah Pierce completed this course.
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