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Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Rochester Institute of Technology via edX

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In this introduction to the field of computing security, you will be given an extensive overview of the various branches of computing security. You will learn cybersecurity concepts, issues, and tools that are critical in solving problems in the computing security domain.

You will have opportunities to learn essential techniques in protecting systems and network infrastructures, analyzing and monitoring potential threats and attacks, devising and implementing security solutions for organizations large or small.

This offering is part of the RITx Cybersecurity MicroMasters Program that prepares students to enter and advance in the field of computing security.

Taught by

Jonathan Weissman

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Cost Free Online Course
Pace Upcoming
Subject Cybersecurity
Provider edX
Language English
Hours 6-8 hours a week
Calendar 8 weeks long
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Reviews for edX's Cybersecurity Fundamentals
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5.0 2 months ago
Anonymous completed this course, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
First off, an enormous round of applause to the instructor Mr. Weissman and everyone else that worked on this amazing course. I personally filled several weeks of research to find the perfect curriculum on this subject, so I consider that, especially after completing this course, I am appropriately qualified to say this is by far the best course you can find, content alone, the fact that it's free only increases its impressiveness! The sessions are well thought out and explained exceptionally by Mr. Weissman and the optional hands on activities and additional resources give hours of additional learning content, as well as some very entertaining articles, without the trouble of trying to find similar content yourself! This is a wealth of knowledge made by many educated and hardworking people and their efforts show off in quality. Look no further, if you're looking for a course on cybersecurity, you've found a perfect match. Don't just take my word for it, take the voice of this vast and…
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5.0 11 months ago
by Malolan Vasu audited this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.
Amazingly organized, excellently presented, and great content. Honestly, one of the most professional looking course I have EVER taken in my life. The professor, is truly fantastic.He wears a super cool sweatshirt each lecture;the transitions,animations, and visualizations are AMAZING;and the course is extremely well organized.I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone!!

Do however note that it takes about 1-4 hours a week and definitely not more than 4 hours.

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5.0 6 months ago
Anonymous completed this course.
Great course. This is a well designed and exhaustive look at Networking, focused on laying the foundation for understanding the world of Cybersecurity. I enjoyed the course, and am taking the subsequent courses.
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4.0 8 months ago
Ivan Vyshnevskyi audited this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.
A good introduction course if you're coming to security from a non-IT background or want to go through some of the basics one more time before moving to more challenging courses. It doesn't go much in depth of the covered topics; I'd say it gives you “leads” on what you may want to learn on your own. For example, a video on encryption is less than two minutes long, but it mentions most of the essential things: symmetric vs. asymmetric, (3)DES, RC4, AES, RSA, etc.

I guess my take on the course's title would be “Things you need to be aware of before learning security (highlights) + some definitions.”

(They ask $150 for a certificate which is, in my opinion, wa-a-ay too much for this kind of course, but verified learners get two live Q&A sessions with the instructor and, I think, access to the private forum, so it may be worth it.)
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4.0 3 months ago
by Salvador Pio Alonday completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.
The content is interesting for the most part, but I felt that the assessments were lacking. You watch the lectures, read stuff (the TCP/IP Guide readings come to mind) and do activities, but the exams hardly test your understanding. Most of the questions are the easy "what" type of questions, and barely go any deeper than that. As a result, I finished the course (with a 98% grade) without feeling like I have a solid understanding.
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5.0 10 months ago
by Anjin Yahya Jonathan Hendel partially completed this course.
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