Open2Study: Education in a Changing World

 with  Dr Ross Boyd
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In this course you will explore Education as a social institution charged with communicating the knowledge, skills and cultural values that society considers most important.

We will look at how the aims of Education have changed over time in response to changing and competing views of what is considered a ‘good society’ and ‘good person’, as well as changes that come from new understandings of a constantly changing world.

We will also look at the way Education continues to change in the context of new communication technologies, globalization and climate change.

What will I learn?

On completing this course you will have a sound understanding of:

  • What it means to refer to education as a social institution and the roles it plays in society.
  • The major positions in debates over the aims of education, including:
    • Securing social integration
    • Providing a skilled workforce
    • Promoting freedom
    • Redressing social inequalities
  • How cultural understandings of the transition from childhood to adulthood have changed over time, and how education has been shaped by and helped shape these understandings.
  • How and why the curriculum has historically changed, and the current state of curriculum debates.
  • The way the concept of literacy is having to be rethought as a result of changes that include:
    • The information and communications revolution
    • Globalization
    • Climate change

This course requires approximately 2 - 4 hours of study per week, but can vary depending on the student. This includes watching videos, and taking quizzes and assessments.

If you pass this course you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement. While this certificate isn't a formal qualification or credit, you can use it to demonstrate your interest in learning about this area to potential employers or educational institutions.

Where could this lead me?

If you're wondering what your future could look like in this area, here are some potential careers you could head towards.

  • Teacher
  • Sociologist
  • Community, Youth & Human services worker
  • Education administrator
  • Education policy development officer


5 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Provider Open2Study
Language English
Calendar 4 weeks long

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4.0 3 years ago
by Karla Cabrera completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.
Great course! The professor gives you an introduction about many concepts and parts of history that makes you think. While there were many arguments that I already knew, there were others arguments completely new to me and interesting. In addition, the additional sources that the course gives you are great. If you want to expand your knowledge about this topics, the course suggests you different books, articles, and videos. I saw all of them and I liked them, even though there were some that I didn't agree with.

So in conclusion, I definitely recommend this course. This course would shape you to become a better teacher or in my case, a better student!
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this review helpful
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3.0 3 years ago
by Kml is taking this course right now, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
The course is a lot about history and development, brings up a number of interesting ideas and theories behind formal education.

Too bad there are no materials/presentation/transcript (yet), everything is in a video form.
1 person found
this review helpful
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4.0 3 years ago
by Wc Pen is taking this course right now.
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4.0 3 years ago
by Tiziana Angiolini completed this course.
Was this review helpful to you? Yes
3.0 2 years ago
by Eliška Čejková is taking this course right now.
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