Udacity: Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

 with  Kunal Chawla
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In this course we will build an iPhone app that records a conversation between you and a friend, and then makes your voices sound like a Chipmunk or Darth Vader.

This course will introduce you to iOS app development in Swift, a new programming language from Apple, and serves as your launching point into the [iOS Developer Nanodegree](

Why Take This Course?
This course will set you on your way to becoming an iOS Developer, where you’ll establish a basic understanding of the iOS ecosystem. You’ll also have working knowledge of Swift, Apple’s custom programming language created exclusively for the mobile developer.


###Lesson 1: Introduction and Xcode
Introduction to Swift and Xcode, taking the first steps in becoming an iOS developer.
###Lesson 2: AutoLayout and Buttons
Learn Storyboard, AutoLayout, UIButtons and UILabels. Start developing the Pitch Perfect App and creating the user interface.
###Lesson 3: ViewController & Multiple Views
View Controllers, View Controller Lifecycle, and Multiple Views. Learn how to react to touch events and change the user interface based on those events.
###Lesson 4: Delegation and Recording
Introduction to AVAudioRecorder, Delegation, and programatic segues. Setup audio recording in the Pitch Perfect App.
###Lesson 5: Playback and Effects
Setup audio playback including rate, pitch, echo, and reverb. Learn about UIStackViews and class extensions.
###Final App Submission (1 hour)
In this final lesson, you will ensure that your app works according to a rubric we have designed, and will also have an opportunity to add new features to your app. We will also share with you a Code Review document that contains suggestions from an external reviewer on how to improve your code. We will request that you implement those suggestions to enhance your code and make it ready for the app store. Finally, to complete the course, you will submit your app to a Udacity coach for a thorough evaluation of your work.
5 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Subject iOS Development
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 4 weeks long

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5.0 3 years ago
by Simran Preet Singh completed this course, spending 20 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
I am a iOS developer and has been developing apps in Objective-c, I started this course to learn Swift and see what are the major differences between Obj-C and Swift. I must say I really liked this course. I didn't wanted to spend months learning a language and than making something and this course avoids both. It teaches you as you build the app.

Kunal teaches the course in a really great way.I really liked his ways of expressing ideas and explaining them. I will highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a quick introduction to iOS development in Swift and have some programming experience. Its better to have experience in mobile

Note: I have started many online course in the past but was not able to complete any either due to long length, boredom or busy schedule. But I completed this course so it must be good.

Best of Luck on your journey to Swift and iOS development.
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this review helpful
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5.0 3 years ago
Michael Bock completed this course, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
1 person found
this review helpful
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5.0 3 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
0 person found
this review helpful
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4.0 2 years ago
Said Aspen completed this course.
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3.0 3 years ago
Naeemhussain is taking this course right now, spending 40 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
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