Udacity: Programming Languages

 with  Wes Weimer
This class will give you an introduction to the fundamentals of programming languages. Key concepts include how to specify and process valid strings, sentences and program structures.

Why Take This Course?
Take this class and learn how to build your own simple web browser complete with the ability to parse and understand HTML and JavaScript.


### String Patterns

Finding and specifying classes of strings using regular expressions

### Lexical Analysis

Breaking strings down into important words

### Grammars

Specifying and deconstructing valid sentences

### Parsing

Turning sentences into trees

### Interpreting

Simulating programs

### Building a Web Browser

Interpreting HTML and JavaScript

### Wrap-up

Exam testing your knowledge
10 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Subject Programming
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 8 weeks long

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Reviews for Udacity's Programming Languages
3.4 Based on 10 reviews

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3.0 a year ago
Anonymous is taking this course right now.
Taking the course now, after completing Udacity CS101 and Learn Python the Hard Way. The course is much less thorough than CS101 and many concepts are poorly explained.

For example, after explaining briefly what a token is, the instructor will show a 3 minute video with him using a Lexer to go through tokens, (without any explanation of how it works, why he wrote it that way, what the code does, how it interprets tokens, or anything else), then assign homework problems where you have to make them. You end up rewatching the videos several times and looking for content outside of the class.

You'll learn, but don't expect explanations as thorough as in CS101 and expect to do self learning just to keep up.
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5.0 4 years ago
Mihai Vinaga completed this course.
This course is great. I've written this comment to get it's ratings up, it's unfair that it has only 3.5. If you have at least 2 years of programming under your belt then this is the course for you. The assignments can be a bit hard but not impossible as long as you read them carefully, a habit that I don't have which caused me a lot of pain in this course. A great course prof. Grossman is great and in my opinion if you didn't liked this course then you don't have enough programming experience to take it.
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5.0 5 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
I really enjoyed this class. It was difficult and a lot of work, but it really helped me understand the differences between programming languages and some of the trade-offs between them. It is not an introduction to programming course, you do need to understand basic programming, especially recursion. The languages taught are SML, Racket, and Ruby. In summary, a great course taught by a great professor. Definitely recommend this course and any other course Prof Grossman would teach in the future.
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1.0 4 years ago
Anonymous completed this course.
It is interesting how Dan Grossman starts the class by telling you that all assignments are described precisely and with minimum words. Actually the assignments are easy (for experienced programmers) once you get around the terrible instructions. I asked a friend whose job it is to 'translate' government speak to plain english and he thought a lot of the descriptions were terrible. There were similar complaints on the forums. Maybe Dan Grossman needs to consider and take on some of the comments rather than just arrogantly dismissing them outright. I would not recommend this course at all.
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3.0 2 years ago
by Thomas Kamara audited this course.
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5.0 2 years ago
by Mark Henry Butler completed this course.
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1.0 3 years ago
Sachin Patidar is taking this course right now.
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1.0 3 years ago
Anonymous partially completed this course.
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