NPTEL: Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase Equilibria

 with  Jayant K. Singh

The goal of this course to introduce molecular thermodynamics as a practical tool for engineering applications. In particular, the course would present the first year graduate student or senior undergraduate student a broad introduction to the thermodynamics of phase equilibria typically encountered in designing chemical products and processes. The course is suitable for those students who have completed their course in undergraduate thermodynamics. It would be further useful if the student has also done the first undergraduate course on chemical engineering thermodynamics.


Week 1 : Introduction, Review of first Law for closed and open systems, Properties of ideal gas and real fluids
Week 2 : Thermodynamics calculus, thermodynamics derivatives, Euler’s theorem for homogeneous functions, Legendre’s transformations, Derivative in terms of measurable properties, elementary statistical mechanics
Week 3 : Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria, Open systems, Ideal Mixtures, Equilibrium in a Heterogeneous Closed System, Fugacity
Week 4 : Thermodynamic Properties from Volumetric Data, Thermodynamic Properties with P, T as Independent Variable, Fugacity of Liquids and Solids, Thermodynamic Properties with V, T as Independent Variables, Approaches to Phase Equilibria Calculations
Week 5 : Intermolecular forces, corresponding states, Osmotic systems
Week 6 : Fugacity in Gas Mixture, Virial equation of state, fugacities from Virial equation, Fugacities at high densities, Solubilities of solids and liquids in compressed gases
Week 7 : Fugacities in Liquid Mixure: Excess function
Week 8 : Fugacities in Liquid Mixure: Models and Theory of Solution

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Subject Chemistry
Provider NPTEL
Language English
Calendar 8 weeks long

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