NPTEL: Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation (Part – 1)

The course introduces the student to a globally applied tool known as Photogeology or Geo-photography; a technique first structured by the United States in late 19th century and later incorporated in United State Geological Survey. The weekly modules will demonstrate the concept and principles of Photogeologyand its applications in real life. Students will learn reading the aerial and satellite photographs under the stereoscope and to generate a 3D view of the terrain. Using this tool they will be able to extract all types of information of the earth surface for various engineering and scientific purpose and projects. Students will have wonderful experience of aerial view of the earth surface and will extract information of landforms, sub-surface structures, and rock types etc. toperform terrain evaluation.


Week 1 : Introduction to Photogeology and its Applications,Aerial Photography/ Satellite Imaging and their Applications,Aerial/ Satellite Photographs and Exercise on handling photographs,Principles of Stereoscopy and Exercise on creating 3D image using Stereoscope

Week 2 : Photogrammetry – Exercise on Elements of Photo Interpretation and Line of Flight, Photogrammetry – Exercise on Photographic Measurements and Photo Scale, Role of Vertical Exaggeration in Photogrammetry - Related Lab Exercise,
Role of Relief Displacement in Photogrammetry - Related Lab Exercise,Concept of Stereoscopic Parallax - Related Lab Exercise

Week 3 : Introduction to Lithology – Sedimentary Rocks,Introduction to Lithology – Metamorphic Rocks,Introduction to Lithology – Igneous Rocks –,Related Exercise,Introduction to Physical and Structural geology,Introduction to Physical and Structural geology

Week 4 : Introduction to Physical and Structural geology - Related Exercise on Identification of structures,Fluvial Geomorphology – Exercise on Landform Mapping,Fluvial Geomorphology – Exercise on Terrace Mapping,Morphometric Analysis – Exercise on performing Morphometric Analysis,Generation of Anaglyph using Stereo-pair in ENVI software – Lab Exercise

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