Udacity: Differential Equations in Action

 with  Jörn Loviscach
In this course, you'll hone your problem-solving skills through learning to find numerical solutions to systems of differential equations. You'll write code in Python to fight forest fires, rescue the Apollo 13 astronauts, stop the spread of epidemics, and resolve other real-world dilemmas.

Why Take This Course?

By the end of this course, you'll develop an intuition for the use of differential equations in the applied sciences. You'll also learn how to build mathematical models for systems of differential equations using a variety of techniques. Along the way, you'll learn how to translate mathematical expressions into Python code and solve some really cool problems!


### Lesson 1: Rescuing Apollo 13, Part 1

Introduction to the Forward Euler Method

### Lesson 2: Rescuing Apollo 13, Part 2

Comparing solvers, Heun’s Method, and the Symplectic Euler Method

### Lesson 3: Analyzing the Spread of Diseases

Implicit methods and stiffness

### Lesson 4: There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

Stability, sensitivity, and optimization

### Lesson 5: Antilock Brake Systems

Friction, equilibria, and control theory

### Lesson 6: The Path of a Forest Fire

Partial differential equations and heat conduction

### Lesson 7: Advanced Applications of Numerical Methods

Chaos, software, and predictive capability
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Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 8 weeks long
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Evgeniy Mikhailovich Zheltonozhskiy completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
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