Federica: Fondamenti di Chimica Generale ed Inorganica

 with  Antonello Santini

Main objective of the course is to present to the student of the first year the principles of General Chemistry. The more rigorous discussion of the items will be constantly accompanied by numerical applications and laboratory in order to make clear the experimental nature of Chemistry. The student will be gradually addressed during the course, which includes numerical exercises and laboratory also simulated on the computer, to acquire the basic language and the ability to solve chemical problems through the application of the basic concepts. The main topics covered are: the materials systems and the fundamental laws of chemistry. The atoms and chemical formulas. Chemical reactions and their balancing. The stoichiometry. The atomic models. The electronic configurations. The periodic system of elements. The chemical bond. The reactions that involve the transfer of electrons and their balance. The behavior of gaseous systems. The solutions and leloro properties. The acids and bases. The role of water as a solvent and as reactant. The chemical equilibrium in aqueous solution, in homogeneous and heterogeneous phase.

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Subject Chemistry
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