NPTEL: Speaking Effectively

This course aims to introduce learners to the dynamics of effective spoken communication by establishing speaking as an autonomous medium with a distinctive vocabulary, syntax, structure, style and register. It will enable learners to participate in one to one interactions, in small groups and before a group. Learners are expected to master the fundamentals of speaking such as vocabulary, body language, pronunciation and basic conversation skills before they move on to more advanced activities such as appearing in interviews, making formal presentations and participating in meetings.



Week 1: Introduction

  • The Art of Speaking
  • Encoding Meaning Using Verbal and Nonverbal Symbols
  • Cross Cultural Communication

Verbal Communication

  • Encoding Meaning Using Verbal Symbols

How Words Work and How to Use Words


Week 2: Nonverbal Communication

  • Encoding Meaning Using Nonverbal Symbols
  • How to Improve Body Language
  • Eye Communication, Facial Expression, Dress and Appearance
  • Posture and Movement, Gesture, Paralanguage

Role Plays and Activities


Week 3: Phonetics

  • Standard Language and Queen’s English
  • Phonemes of English: Vowels
  • Phonemes of English: Diphthongs and Consonants
  • Stress and Rhythm
  • Intonation


Week 4: Voice and Delivery

  • Voice and Personality
  • How to Improve Voice
  • How to Improve Delivery
  • Pace,Pause,Pitch
  • Volume, Modulation, Resonance


Week 5: Basic Conversational Skills

  • Greetings and making introductions
  • Asking for information and giving instructions
  • Making requests
  • Agreeing and disagreeing

Making recommendations


Week 6: Appearing in Interviews and taking Interviews

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Appearing in an Interview
  • Conducting an Interview
  • Analysis of a bad interview

Analysis of a good interview


Week 7: Making and Assessing Presentations

  • How to Make Successful Presentations
  • How to Make Successful Presentations
  • Analysis of a Bad Presentation
  • Analysis of a Good Presentation


Week 8: Group Discussions and Meetings

  • Participating in a Meeting
  • Chairing a Meeting
  • Analysis of an ill conducted meeting
  • Analysis of a well conducted meeting
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Cost Free Online Course
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Provider NPTEL
Language English
Certificates Paid Certificate Available
Calendar 8 weeks long

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