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C++ for Programmers is designed for students who are familiar with a programming language and wish to learn C++.

This course focuses on 'how' as opposed to 'what'. For example, in the lesson on functions, we do not teach what a function is, but rather how to create a function in C++.
The lessons are taught by several different instructors who have used C++ in their professional careers, so students get to experience different perspectives.

The course also includes comments and tips from Bjarne Stroustrup - the original designer of C++.

Why Take This Course?
Anyone wishing to quickly learn how to program in C++ will find this course to be quite satisfactory. You will quickly learn to program in C++ by learning the essentials of the language.
You will also get to hear different approaches and perspectives regarding using C++ as a professional.

This course does not offer in depth discussions of C++, nor does it offer a lot of alternative/advanced methods. It focuses on preparing the student to program in C++ with the minimum expenditure of time.


The course outline:

- The Basics

You will learn basic C++ program structure, header files, file IO and strings.
- Compilation and Execution.

You will learn how to compile and execute C++ code on your own machine.
- Arithmetic Operations

You will learn the most commonly used arithmetic operations in C++.

- Control Flow

You will learn C++ logic, looping and switch statements.

- Pointers

You will learn the basics of what a pointer is and how it is used.
- Arrays

You will learn how to declare and use arrays and multi-dimensional arrays.
- Functions

You will learn how to create functions using parameters and return values and how to pass parameters by reference.
- Classes

You will learn to create classes and instantiate class objects in this basic introduction to classes.
- Overloading

You will learn how to overload classes and operators in C++.
- Templates

You will learn how to provide generic programming through function templates and class templates.
- Classes and Inheritance

You will learn how to derive classes in C++ using inheritance and multiple inheritance.
- Classes and polymorphism

You will learn what polymorphism is and how to use it in C++.
- Vectors and Iterators

You will how to use features of the *vector* library and how to iterate through vectors.
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Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 3 weeks long

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