edX: La Letteratura latina in età post-augustea

 with  Marisa Squillante

La letteratura latina dal I secolo d.c va spiegata sicuramente alla luce delle direttive letterarie precedenti ma dando anche spazio a quelle problematiche che in questa epoca vanno radicalizzandosi quali l'idea dell'identità romana, il rapporto con il diverso, il relazionarsi con popoli altri; fenomeni che divengono particolarmente significativi nel tardo antico.

L'uso del passato rinforza, da sempre, le diverse identità regionali e crea un senso di appartenenza ad una comune Romanitas. Per capire come questa 'doppia' identità funzioni è necessario leggere con attenzione gli scrittori latini tardi, studiare come essi si relazionino con i grandi auctores, come l’altro, il diverso, il barbaro vengano disegnati nelle loro pagine.

Evitando naturalmente anacronismi riflettendo attraverso le pagine della letteratura dell’epoca, espressione di una società multiculturale e inclusiva quale quella romana, possiamo trarre suggestioni interessanti circa i concetti di Alterità e Convivenza quali si formano nell'immaginario dell'uomo occidentale.

Latin literature in the Post-Augustan period

Latin literature in the I century AD needs to be explained in the light of the literary currents that preceded it. But it is also important to focus on those issues which were taking root at that time – the idea of a Roman identity, cultural diversity and relating to different peoples; phenomena that become particularly significant in late Antiquity.

Reference to the past was always used to reinforce regional identity, and a sense of belonging to the Romanitas community. To understand how this “dual” identity worked, we need to study Latin writers from the late Antiquity, and see how they relate to other authors, and how they handle the descriptions of diverse peoples and barbarians in their works.

Avoiding anachronisms, we will use our study of Latin literature as an expression of a multicultural and inclusive Roman society to draw interesting conclusions about the concepts of Otherness and Coexistence that are relevant to Western populations today.

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5 reviews for edX's La Letteratura latina in età post-augustea

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3 days ago
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Anonymous completed this course.
This course perment acquire a very good knowledge about imperial latin literature, if someone knows all this italian course, will be solid bases to follow studing latin literature!

Thank very much Professor Marissa Squillante!
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Antonio Gaeta partially completed this course.
Really great! Cannot wait to finish and share via social with my friends

I think that all of us should have a “humanisti self being” snd this course may help in this
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20 hours ago
Peco Uber is taking this course right now.
Well done with good quality of audio and video

Thanks to professor squillante for doing this for students

I will re run the lessons again if possible
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Cristina Bianco completed this course.
I strongly reccomend it

My collegues and me used it to review before the final exam. Very helpful. I suggest to improve the quality of the audio
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Gabriele Saccone is taking this course right now.
I am reviewing this because it helped me so much for my personal experience with the ancient word. Good job guys
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