edX: Viruses & How to Beat Them: Cells, Immunity, Vaccines

 with  Jonathan Gershoni

Have you ever wondered what viruses actually are?

Have you been curious about the ways they invade our bodies, attack our cells and make us sick?  Come and learn what viruses are made of and understand the mechanisms of how they hijack and take over our cells. 

There is no need for a background in science – just bring your curious mind!

Our bodies are made of cells, which are amazing molecular machines. So long as everything is in working order, we feel great.  But surprisingly, these unbelievably tiny parasites made of Protein and Genes – viruses – can take over and cause serious damage to our bodies.  

Step by step, this course will teach you how the cells of our bodies work to keep us healthy.  We will then explore the vast kingdom of viruses; especially those that have caused epidemics like the flu, AIDS and Ebola.  Finally, we will systematically review our immune system, how it identifies "the enemies," and how it takes them out. 

The lectures have been carefully planned to clearly describe basic Cell Biology, Virology, and Immunology in terms that everyone can understand, without compromising scientific correctness.  You'll participate in a detailed exploration of the structures in our cells and how they function. You'll learn how viruses replicate and the way our immune system protects us from disease, as well as how scientists investigate these topics. You'll view laboratory demonstrations that illustrate how cells and viruses are grown and studied.  Throughout the course, you will meet leading experts and scientists - some of whom have received the Nobel Prize in recognition of their discoveries and contributions to Chemistry and Medicine.

Together we will gain a clearer understanding of how science has been applied to produce effective diagnostic tests, better medicines, and protective vaccines. You'll gain fascinating and comprehensible knowledge that is also practical.  It is our goal to arm you with sufficient credible and practical understanding of how vaccines work so that you can make better vaccine-relevant decisions for you and your family.

This course was produced at Tel Aviv University by TAU Online - learning innovation center.

2 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Institution Tel Aviv University
Provider edX
Language English
Hours 2-3 hours a week
Calendar 8 weeks long

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2 reviews for edX's Viruses & How to Beat Them: Cells, Immunity, Vaccines

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3 days ago
Karen Carlson completed this course, spending 6 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.
Engaging introductory bio course. Moves from a few chemistry basics to a little cell biology before delving into viruses, the immune system, and vaccines. Great diagrams and graphics to aid understanding. Includes introductory-level interviews with major scientific heavyweights.

FMI see my post on my personal blog at
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6 days ago
profile picture
Anonymous audited this course.
This has got to be the best Life Sciences introductory course I've taken.

It was informative.

It was humorous.

It was engaging.

I don't have a science background and I learn a LOT. Professor G. is a fantastic instructor! Kudos to him and his team for putting together such as great course. I hope they create more courses in the future.
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