Coursera: 機器學習基石下 (Machine Learning Foundations)---Algorithmic Foundations

 with  Hsuan-Tien Lin, 林軒田
Machine learning is the study that allows computers to adaptively improve their performance with experience accumulated from the data observed. Our two sister courses teach the most fundamental algorithmic, theoretical and practical tools that any user of machine learning needs to know. This second course of the two would focus more on algorithmic tools, and the other course would focus more on mathematical tools. [機器學習旨在讓電腦能由資料中累積的經驗來自我進步。我們的兩項姊妹課程將介紹各領域中的機器學習使用者都應該知道的基礎演算法、理論及實務工具。本課程將較為著重方法類的工具,而另一課程將較為著重數學類的工具。]


第九講: Linear Regression
weight vector for linear hypotheses and squared error instantly calculated by analytic solution

第十講: Logistic Regression
gradient descent on cross-entropy error to get good logistic hypothesis

第十一講: Linear Models for Classification
binary classification via (logistic) regression; multiclass classification via OVA/OVO decomposition

第十二講: Nonlinear Transformation
nonlinear model via nonlinear feature transform+linear model with price of model complexity

第十三講: Hazard of Overfitting
overfitting happens with excessive power, stochastic/deterministic noise and limited data

第十四講: Regularization
minimize augmented error, where the added regularizer effectively limits model complexity

第十五講: Validation
(crossly) reserve validation data to simulate testing procedure for model selection

第十六講: Three Learning Principles
be aware of model complexity, data goodness and your professionalism

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