1 minute read  written by  . Published on February 13, 2017

FutureLearn, the UK-based MOOC provider owned by the Open University, has just announced its first US university partners. According to Class Central’s analysis, FutureLearn is the fourth largest MOOC provider in the world, with over five million registered users.

FutureLearn had more than 110 partners before this announcement, 64 of which were universities.

The five US universities that will partner with FutureLearn are:

Except American University, all those universities have offered or are currently offering MOOCs. Click on the names above to see their courses.

Here are the five courses that have been announced so far:

  1. Energy, the environment and our future — Penn State University.
  2. Maps and the geospatial revolution — Penn State University.
  3. Communicating complex information — Purdue University.
  4. Body weight: How our brain, behavior and genetics influence appetite and food choices — Purdue University.
  5. Persuasive communication: what makes messages persuasive — Purdue University.

The first two courses in the list have been already been offered on Coursera; “Maps and the Geospatial Revolution” is currently still available on Coursera. Check out Class Central’s interview with the course instructor, Professor Anthony Robinson: It’s Not Who You Know — It’s Where You Know: The Geospatial Revolution