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3 new courses, 16 repeated

MOOC Course Report is a monthly column by Class Central published during the first week of each month. MOOC Course report aims to provide a comprehensive list of courses starting/available in the month of publication.

Coursera (3)

Drugs and the Brain
Dec 1st | 5 weeks long
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2
Dec 3rd | 6 weeks long
Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics
Dec 17th | 10 weeks long

OpenLearning (1)

UNSW Computing 1 – The Art of Programming
Dec 3rd | 12 weeks long

Udacity (15)

All the Udacity courses are self paced.

CS 101: Building a Search Engine
CS 373: Programming a Robotic Car
CS212 – The Design of Computer Programs
CS253 – Web Application Engineering – Building a Blog
CS262 – Programming Languages – Building a Browser
CS387 – Applied Cryptography
ST101 – Introduction to Statistics – Making Decisions based on Data
PH100 – Intro to Physics – Landmarks in Physics
CS215 – Algorithms – Crunching Social Networks
CS258 – Software Testing – How to Make Software Fail
CS222 – Making Math Matter – Differential Equations in Action
CS259 – Software Debugging – Automating The Boring Tasks
EP245 – Entrepreneurship: The Lean LaunchPad – How to Build a Startup
CS313 – Intro to Theoretical Computer Science – Dealing with Challenging Problems
CS271 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence