Jennifer Boyer

Jennifer Boyer

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Written 9 months ago
I read interviews with Dr. Oakley and after I began reading her book, Mindshift, I decided to take Learning How to Learn. The techniques are so useful. I've been using the Pomodoro Technique to conquer procrastination at work and home. This course is suitable for students in high school and college and for adult learners. Dr. Oakley and Dr. Sejnowski have done a great service by teaching effective learning techniques in an accessible, engaging, inviting way. I'm so grateful I took this course!
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Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

Written 8 months ago
I took Mindshift immediately after taking Learning How to Learn, and both courses are taught by the same instructors. Some of the material in Mindshift repeats topics in Learning How to Learn, but I found the repetition helpful for reinforcing the learning techniques. The sections on career change and the intelligence of emotions are new in Mindshift. I recommend reading or listening to the book, Mindshift, as you take the course, because the book contains interviews with a diverse group of individuals who made significant changes in their lives and careers at different ages.

Mindshift contains many optional videos with memory champion Nelson Dellis, which are very practical and helpful.

The instructors have done a laudable job of teaching how to integrate learning into your everyday life, and the importance of doing so. They also make lifelong learning seem practical and possible, which is important to give hope and skills to people who may be stuck in a job.

The reason I didn't give the course 5 stars is that there was no discussion of the role of personality or temperament when considering a career field. I would have liked specific discussions of different types of jobs or fields and what factors helped people be successful in those fields. I also think temperament is something that should be considered carefully when selecting a career field.

I was also a bit disappointed that the optional videos did not include more interviews with the people featured in the book. The interview with the Singapore businessman was very interesting, and I had expected more optional interviews like there were in Learning How to Learn.

Aside from these minor criticisms, the instructors have performed a valuable service of teaching learning techniques and career strategies that can help both working professionals and students navigate changing work environments.
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