Leonardo Maltez

Graduated in Computer Engineer, dropped career to pursue Visual Arts in Computer Graphics, focusing on Fantasy 3D Artist (modeling)

Leonardo Maltez
Visual Arts, Computer Graphics for Games and interactive media.
Bachelors Degree

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Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Written 9 months ago
This course was the best thing I've ever took about learning. Creators took a lot of energy in presenting how our brain works and how we can harness it's abilities to analyse and retain information, how to memorize easier and training your memory to recall information when needed.

I found myself into various situation described that are "illusion of learning" and common pitfalls in which you try HARDER to learn something, use up a lot of energy and in the end gets frustrated it didn't work out or you failed a test. It's a pity for me I couldn't have this information about ten years ago in college! haha. It would make me a better person for quite sometime now. So. this course made me realize actions I took which wasn't optimal, that "OH SNAP!" moment and thus realizing how to better learn and tackle new challenges.

I'm very thankful to what I had here. It's an excellent course which I recommend to everyone. Doesn't matter if you are a teenager beginning your studies or someone who went to college years ago and now thinks about all the boring stuff adults need to concern themselves with. It will count and make you a better person.
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