Елизавета Рыжкова

Елизавета Рыжкова

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Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Written 11 months ago
Thank you very much for this course!

I am a good student but I always have a lot of troubles analyzing myself and my achievments, perhaps, slightly too strict, getting frustrated, depressed and demotivated over and over again. Probably, one of the most important reason for it is my subcortical belief that once I am not a natural genious, all my efforts do not matter at all and I never achieve anything valuable in my life.

Two weeks before taking this course I had nearly decided to drop my present studies, which is general linguistics, and start working as a privat tutor just to earn my living because I thought there was no way for me to become really proficient in this field since I failed being a super genious student during the past 3 years. Then once translating this idea to a friend of mine I suddenly deleted the whole message I was writing to her because it just poped up in my mind that Barbara is, yes, a living example of a person who did well in a field that was completly new and strange to her. This is a very inspiring example along with the examples of all the other people who took part in the course (Dr. Sejnowski and all the people from the additional interviews).

Of course, there were lots of incredibly important and useful tips for studying but I honestly don't have time to type them here because I can't wait for the next day that I want to start studying properly.

Elizaveta, St.Petersburg (Russia)

P.S.На случай, если вдруг авторы курса когда-нибудь прочитают этот отзыв: Барбара, спасибо Вам большое за прекрасный курс! Я уже сейчас чувствую, что он изменил мою жизнь, но, надеюсь, на этом изменения не закончатся.

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