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The Exploratorium is a twenty-first-century learning laboratory, an eye-opening, always-changing, playful place to explore and tinker. For more than forty years, we’ve built creative, thought-provoking exhibits, tools, programs, and experiences that ignite curiosity, encourage exploration, and lead to profound learning. We use the same tools and approaches to design compelling professional development programs for teachers ranging from novice to expert, elementary to high school, and formal and informal, in fields of science, math, and engineering. To date the Exploratorium has provided in-depth, multi-year programming to thousands of educators from over 450 school districts in 47 states and in many different countries.

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Ad Supervised Learning with scikit-learn Self Paced
Start Date: 25th Sep, 2017
25th Sep, 2017
Start Date: 2nd Oct, 2017
2nd Oct, 2017
Start Date: 17th Sep, 2017
17th Sep, 2017
Start Date: 6th Apr, 2014
6th Apr, 2014
Start Date: 10th Jul, 2017
10th Jul, 2017