Udacity: Applied Cryptography

 with  David Evans
Internet of Things
University of Technology Sydney via Open Learning
Cryptography is present in everyday life, from paying with a credit card to using the telephone. Learn all about making and breaking puzzles in computing.

Why Take This Course?
Explore how secrets are written and shared, as well as what can go wrong when cryptography is misused or implemented badly.


### Lesson 1: Perfect Ciphers

What makes certain ciphers perfect, how the Lorenz Cipher was broken

### Lesson 2: Symmetric Encryption

Sending messages when two people share a secret

### Lesson 3: Key Exchange

Techniques to establish a shared secret

### Lesson 4: Asymmetric Encryption

Exchanging information using public key cryptosystems

### Lesson 5: Public Key Protocols

Encrypted key exchange, certificates, secure commerce

### Lesson 6: Using Cryptographic Primitives

How cryptography can be useful for anonymizing communication, voting, and digital cash

### Lesson 7: Secure Computation

Computing without exposing data
5 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 8 weeks long

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5.0 a year ago
Anonymous audited this course.
Great course. I had tried other crypto courses and nothing every stuck. I found the others to get into too great of depth too quickly. After this course, I developed the ability to critically think about cryptographic protocols and primitives. I am also ready for classes that go in greater depth.
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4.0 3 years ago
Priya John completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.
This course content is excellent. Short lectures, Multiple choice questions, great approach. I recommend this course to every student interested in learning Cryptography.
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this review helpful
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4.0 4 years ago
Nitish Singh completed this course.
Complete the course , good introduction to cyber security. Touches different aspects.

Skipped the programming due to time issues.
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4.0 2 years ago
Ciprian Dan Chirilă completed this course.
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4.0 11 months ago
by Olivier Schnitzeler completed this course.
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