Udacity: Intro to AJAX

 with  Cameron Pittman
In this course you will learn how to make asynchronous requests with JavaScript (using jQuery’s AJAX functionality), and gain a better understanding of what’s actually happening when you do so. You will also learn how to use data APIs so you can take advantage of freely accessible data in your applications, including photo results, news articles and up-to-date data about the world around us.

As part of the course, you’ll be building a web app that will help people learn about a place where they want to move! Your app will query the Google Streetview, Wikipedia and New York Times APIs!

This course is also a part of our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree.

Why Take This Course?
User experience is vital to the success of your website or web app. It’s important that the user’s experience be smooth and free of jank, yet the application will have to do things that take a long time to complete. AJAX allows app developers to interact with server-side APIs without pausing script execution or forcing the page to reload.

Plus, learning how to query data APIs will open you to a tremendous amount of free data that’s freely accessible. Want to build a flight tracking app? How about a photo gallery with image search? Or what about a tweet viewer? Just find an API that provides the data you need, read the documentation and sample code, and query away!

If you want to build solid and fast web applications, knowing how to query servers using AJAX is a must.



* What is AJAX?
* Why use an API?
* How can you identify AJAX requests in existing websites?


* Clone the Move Planner repository
* Implement the Google Streetview API
* Implement the NY Times API
* Error handling normal AJAX requests
* Implement the Wikipedia API
* Error handling JSON-P requests


* What did you learn?
* How else can you apply AJAX to make speedy page loads?
* Go customize!
7 Student
Cost Free Online Course
Pace Self Paced
Subject Web Development
Provider Udacity
Language English
Hours 6 hours a week
Calendar 2 weeks long

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5.0 a year ago
by Min S completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.
It's GOOD. Maybe cos I'm someone who likes having immediate help when I'm stuck (hence the solution videos was a main reason why I gave 5 stars), but through this 'help' and modelling the code from this course, I managed to fix some old attempt at an AJAX call that I got stuck at while trying to complete freecodecamp earlier this year in a matter of an hour. Easy to follow, concise and good easy examples of real world usage. :D Finished this course within 1-2 hours. You can do so too!
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1.0 3 months ago
by Mark partially completed this course, spending 8 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very hard.
Looking for a good course on API's that I still have not found. This course material is outdated, instructor teaches nothing but instead just directs you to external links to learn on your own, then submit a "quiz'.

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3.0 a year ago
by Huxiaoba completed this course and found the course difficulty to be medium.
I don't think the course is useful cause after course I still don't know much about Ajax. I still don't know what to do next time I write code of ajax.
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5.0 3 years ago
by Chris Duncan completed this course.
0 person found
this review helpful
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4.0 2 years ago
Said Aspen completed this course.
0 person found
this review helpful
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5.0 2 years ago
by Anon completed this course.
0 person found
this review helpful
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4.0 a year ago
by Aung Thu Hein partially completed this course.
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