Coursera: Project Management Project

 with  Margaret Meloni
This capstone project is designed to allow you to take the knowledge you have gained through the Specialization and put that knowledge into practice. In the capstone, you will create several of the key planning deliverables that have been discussed in these courses and either work on a project you choose or use a suggested case study. You will begin the capstone project by writing part of the project charter. You will build on that information to define your project, and then ultimately create a schedule, budget and responses for the risks you identify. The goal is for you to use what you have learned in the previous courses and to perform your own research on how to best move forward with the capstone project. Your work will be peer reviewed by your classmates. In turn you will peer review the work of other classmates. Instructions on how to conduct peer reviews will be included in the course. Upon completing this series, you will be able to (1) write a narrative charter statement, (2) create a work breakdown structure, (3) sequence project activities,(4) build a project schedule, (5) create a project budget, (6) create a responsibility assignment matrix, (7) identify project risks and (8) define responses for those risks.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Write a narrative charter statement
2. Create a work breakdown structure
3. Sequence project activities
4. Build a project schedule
5. Create a project budget
6. Create a responsibility assignment matrix
7. Identify project risks and define responses for those risks


Get Started!
This section will prepare you for your capstone project and final peer review. It will also answer any questions you might have about the project assignment, the grading rubric, and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks together.

Project Components & Instructions
This section will take you for a deep dive into each course objective that makes up the project components of the final assignment for the capstone course. It will include a description and directions for each component as well as grading rubrics to help prepare you for the upcoming Feedback Peer Review and Final Peer Review Assignment.

Join Us at UCI Extension!
We hope you will join us at UCI Extension by transferring your Specialization certificate into our Project Management Certificate program. This week, learn more on what it takes to continue learning with us at UCI Extension. In addition, learn more about the requirements for PDU’s and Contact Hours from PMI®, and explore frequently asked questions of Coursera learners.

Content Review
This section will provide review course content that you have seen in the Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization in hopes of giving you a helping hand in preparing your final capstone project.

(Optional) Feedback Peer Review
This section is optional for those learners who want to have additional feedback on their project assignment prior to the Final Peer Review submission and evaluation.

Final Project Assignment Submission
This is your final peer review assignment submission portion of the course. Please be mindful that there will be no extension given to learners for any deadlines set.

Final Project Peer Review Evaluation
This is your final peer review assignment evaluation portion of the course. Please be mindful that there will be no extension given to learners for any deadlines set.

Specialization Wrap-Up
Let's wrap up our time together as we have traveled through the Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization.

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