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Since its creation in 1829, Ecole Centrale Paris, a French Ivy League "Grande Ecole" has trained high-level engineers. Its many prominent alumni have become company directors, senior management and experts in the fields of technology. The quality and commitment of its 2500 students, 270 tenured faculty, and 1000 part-time lecturers and international professors ensure that the school maintains only the highest standards of instruction and research. The Centralian academic program is based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach which blends scientific and technical essentials with the social and human realities of today's global challenges. We take pride in training our students to adapt to change, to master the complexity of organizations and to understand and anticipate the technologies of tomorrow.

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Ad Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow Self Paced
Start Date: 25th Sep, 2017
25th Sep, 2017
Start Date: 2nd Oct, 2017
2nd Oct, 2017
Start Date: 2nd Oct, 2017
2nd Oct, 2017
Start Date: 16th Oct, 2017
16th Oct, 2017
Start Date: 10th Jan, 2014
10th Jan, 2014
Start Date: 12th Sep, 2014
12th Sep, 2014
Start Date: 2nd Feb, 2015
2nd Feb, 2015
Start Date: 16th Feb, 2015
16th Feb, 2015